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What childcare schemes can and can’t be used together

Last updated: 29 Jun 2021

Parents and carers are often confused about what childcare schemes they are able to combine (subject to eligibility). Working Families have produced a handy table to help guide you:


Can be used together  

Can’t be used together  

Tax Credits &15h/30hfree​

Tax-Free Childcare & Tax Credits​

Universal Credit &15h/30h free​

Tax-Free Childcare & Universal Credit​

Tax-Free Childcare & 15h/30h free​

Tax-Free Childcare & Childcare Vouchers​

Childcare Vouchers & Universal Credit*​

Childcare Vouchers& Tax Credits*​

Childcare Vouchers & 15h/30h free​

  • You cannot usually make new claims for tax credits. Most new claims need to be for Universal Credit. However, if you already get any of the benefits being replaced by UC, it is best to seek advice before claiming.













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