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Leave a gift in your will

Make a lasting legacy to Working Families now by leaving a gift in your will to the charity to continue its work in changing the world of work for future generations.

Some people think that wills are just for the wealthy, but it’s important that we all make provision for our families. The good news is writing a will is simple and relatively inexpensive these days.

After you’ve made sure your family is provided for in your will, you may want to continue supporting Working Families by leaving a legacy to the charity in your will. It’s also a great way of not having to pay extra money to the taxman as you will not pay tax on gifts made to charity.*

These are ways your legacy can make a real difference:

  • £250 will help cover the costs of a volunteer for a year assisting parents who are facing discrimination in the workplace
  • £2,000 pays for a year’s training of 10 volunteers and staff who help nearly 5,000 families a year
  • £20,000 would pay for a part-time adviser for a year taking calls from hundreds of distressed parents to provide accurate advice and support

Ondine Upton explains why she is leaving her legacy to Working Families

‘The amazing thing about a legacy is that I can afford to be more generous than during my lifetime, giving chunky gifts to charities I really care about.  Working Families is one of just three charities I’ve chosen – they’re working to create the kind of world I want myself – and my children, and grandchildren – to live in.  A world in which caring for one’s family and contributing to the community are just as important as being successful at work, and a world that enables these three elements to work together rather than being in conflict.

I hope Working Families will use my legacy at a strategic level, creating change, and I trust them to choose what’s most important within this context at the time.  And I hope that others who care about creating a world in which our children and their families can thrive will join me.’

 …and Professor Pat Leighton

‘Leaving a legacy to charity is something I first discussed with my lawyer. We’re all aware that it is a tax-free way to leave money in your will. I have an interest in several charities and I‘ve known Working Families for a long time.

I have a huge interest in the changing world of work and providing for those who want it, as well advice for those who have to manage it. Working Families continues to lead in this area – which is important as it affects so many working people’s lives. I have lots of admiration for the charity because it also deals with the under-dogs in the labour market – those who survive on low incomes and those who work difficult contract patterns, for example.

Working Families is also an efficient, well-run small charity, with strong governance – and it achieves a lot on a shoestring! I wasn’t interested in leaving my legacy to a large charity where so much can be spent on administration.

For me, there are three main reasons why I’ve chosen to leave a legacy to Working Families:

  1. The issues it deals with affect so many people – 29m workers at least in the UK – and it’s made a difference to a huge number of people already
  2. It helps the outsiders who don’t necessarily fit into ‘the norm’ – working parents of disabled children, for example
  3. It’s well run and no money is wasted in its quest to make our society a better place to live.

Interested? Contact us now to discuss further.

*There are one or two small exceptions to this, and it may be slightly different in Scotland and Northern Ireland, so do check with your solicitor first.