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Advice for Parents & Carers

Information for working parents and carers on their employment rights, Tax Credits and in-work benefits, maternity and paternity leave, flexible working options and maternity discrimination. This includes a section especially for parents of disabled children.

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    Changes to Your Employment Terms and Fire and Rehire (3 articles)

    Has your employer tried to change your working hours or location without your consent? Is your employer undertaking a fire and rehire programme. Here is our advice on how to deal with imposed changes.

  • read more on Discrimination as a Parent/Carer

    Discrimination as a Parent/Carer (8 articles)

    Understand what to do if you have been treated unfairly because you are pregnant, have a new baby, are caring for a dependant or exercised one of your statutory parental rights.

  • read more on Employment Rights

    Employment Rights (1 articles)

    Information to help you understand your rights at work.Practitioners may also find the information on our Employment Tribunal pages useful.

  • read more on Employment Tribunals

    Employment Tribunals (2 articles)

    Resources for practitioners who support working parents in bringing an employment tribunal claim.

  • read more on Redundancy, Restructuring and TUPE transfer

    Redundancy, Restructuring and TUPE transfer (10 articles)

    Are you facing redundancy? Is your employer restructuring the business? Have you been made redundant whilst on or shortly after maternity leave? Is your job being TUPE-transferred?

  • read more on Statutory Family Leave and Pay

    Statutory Family Leave and Pay (4 categories)

    Understand your rights to leave and pay for fathers, non-birth partners, and those adopting or having a baby through surrogacy.

  • read more on Time Off for Parents and Carers

    Time Off for Parents and Carers (7 articles)

    Information on rights to take Time off for Dependants, unpaid Parental Leave and Parental Bereavement Leave for parents and carers.

  • read more on Toolkit for parents

    Toolkit for parents (2 articles)

    If you’re expecting a new child in your family, you probably have lots of questions about maternity leave and pay, benefits, paternity rights and rights to request flexible working. Our popular factsheets summarise the information you are most likely to need at this crucial time, as well as parents of older children.