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  • Employers Benchmark Report 2021

    This report aims to provide an overview of how some of the UK’s leading public, private and third sector organisations are working to support their teams.

  • Building back better for working parents – FlexTheUK Campaign Briefing

    Now the relaxing of those final restrictions is in sight, we wanted to capture how the UK’s 13 million working parents are feeling about their experiences of work and family life over recent months, what their concerns are as we move into the ‘new normal’, and their thoughts on the future of work.

  • Balancing Work and Caring

    This guide covers a host of topics – from your legal rights at work, to finding and funding appropriate childcare and care for adults, to tips for self-care.

  • Six months of COVID-19

    An impact report about the various services provided by Working Families during the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Flexistability: Building back better for the UK’s working families

    The social and economic consequences of COVID-19 have ushered in extraordinary changes in our country, almost overnight. The impact of the pandemic on families has been multi-faceted and, for some, extreme.

  • Working through COVID-19 and beyond: the perspective from employers

    In September 2020, we asked Working Families’ employer members to tell us how they had managed the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic had presented.

  • COVID-19 and flexible working: the perspective from working parents and carers

    The overwhelming majority of working parents and carers we surveyed do not want their employer to return to revert to business as usual after lockdown is lifted. It is time for the UK government and employers to #flextheUK – extending the flexible working opportunities afforded some parents and carers during lockdown to all parents and carers.

  • Weathering the Storm: the COVID-19 pandemic and working parents

    This year’s Legal Advice Service report explores the issues still facing the working parents getting in touch with us about COVID-19, and simple ways the government and UK employers could go further to support them to stay in work and help ensure they don’t lose out financially.

  • Getting into Work

    Working Families free 'Getting into Work' guide equips parents and carers of dependants with disabilities that have taken time out of paid work with the confidence and guidance needed to get back into the world of work.

  • 2020 Modern Families Index – Scotland Report

    The Modern Families Index is the most comprehensive study of how working parents manage the balance between work and family life in the UK. This publication reports the key findings in Scotland. The 2020 Index surveyed 507 working parents in Scotland. The Scottish survey comprised more fathers than mothers (66% vs 34% respectively). This is […]