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Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision

We want to achieve a society in which everyone can fully meet their work and caring responsibilities, where all parents and carers have an equal opportunity to find and progress in secure, paid work.

Our mission

Our mission is to remove the barriers that people with caring responsibilities face in the workplace. We drive positive change by supporting and advocating for working parents and carers, collaborating with employers to build flexible and family-friendly cultures, and influencing government policy.

Our values

We are collaborative. We are one team working in a connected and communicative way internally and externally to maximise achievement of our shared goals.

We are practical. We see the whole picture and use this authoritative perspective to deliver tangible support to families and employers.

We are inclusive. We nurture an open and safe culture that enables everyone to be themselves at work. We strive to ensure that our work reaches a full range of families and employers.

We are driven. We leverage our collective knowledge, commitment, and skills to do an expert job for our beneficiaries, supporters, and colleagues.