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Our approach to inclusion, diversity, and equality

Working Families is committed to creating an inclusive workplace and organisational culture:   

  • to attract diverse talent to work with us and drive the charity’s success 
  • to empower working parents and carers to understand and use their workplace rights across the UK, regardless of their situation or background 
  • to build creative and productive relationships with employers to create and sustain successful flexible and family-friendly workplaces 

We don’t pretend to have all the answers yet.  

We’re on a journey to create a more inclusive culture for the future, so the charity is sustainable and successful in its efforts to remove the barriers that people with caring responsibilities face in the workplace. 

We want everyone who works with us to feel confident to be themselves. 

Harnessing the creativity that diversity brings 

We know that building an inclusive environment is key to attracting and maintaining diverse employees, and that our diversity will help us to better represent the communities of working parents and carers we serve – and inspire the employers we work with. But it also makes practical business sense: inclusivity and diversity are vital for a productive and creative organisation. 

Steps we’re taking to build inclusion and diversity 

We’re working strategically to embed inclusion and diversity across the organisation: in our team, with our partners, and in our interactions with stakeholders.  

This involves first building understanding within our organisation: monitoring and evaluating our progress and considering equality factors across the employee lifecycle (attraction, recruitment, pay and progression, retention).  

We are strong advocates for the inclusivity that flexibility brings at a national level: collaborating with government, employers, and organisations across the UK to ensure flexible working is available to all.  

And we apply this expertise to our own team, ensuring that our employees are empowered to choose when and how they want to work.