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Benchmark – your policies

The Top Employers for Working Families Benchmark – Entries for 2022 are now OPEN!

The Working Families Benchmark is the only tool available that measures all aspects of flexible working and work-life policies and practice. It evaluates how well these are integrated into your organisation’s values and culture, and also looks specifically at how well you support and engage with parents and carers.

Register to take part in the benchmark 2022


Why take part in the benchmark?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses will need to be more flexible, agile, and family-friendly than ever before. How does your organisation stack up against the competition?

The benchmark tool enables employers to:

  • audit the flexible working and work-life policies and practices within their organisation 
  • understand where their organisation stands compared to similar businesses and whether they are currently ahead or behind the curve in the development of flexible and family-friendly ways of working 
  • get individual, tailored feedback and advice from our highly experienced Relationship Managers, who will highlight your strengths and achievements and pinpoint gaps and areas for future action
  • learn how to improve outcomes and enhance engagement, wellbeing and performance – key to any HR and D&I strategy. 
  • be eligible for Working Families’ annual Top Employers ranking list 

What does the benchmark take into account?

Flexible working and work life practices are examined in detail across the following areas:

  • Support for parents and carers
  • Wellbeing and the work life balance of all employees
  • Culture and attitudes to worklife balance and flexible working practice 
  • Line managers support 
  • Communications strategies 
  • Depth of support from senior managers and across the business 
  • Flexible/agile working 
  • Flexible recruitment  
  • Measuring impact of your flexible and family friendly policies 

How to apply

Please fill out this form to receive full details about taking part in the benchmark. 


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