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Academic Advisory Board

We’ve gathered together a group of leading experts, from universities across the UK, on issues relating to flexible working, job quality and security, and childcare. They keep us up to date with the latest evidence and innovations in practice. And, crucially, share strategic insights on where we should focus our efforts to create change for working parents.

The role of the Academic Advisory Board 

  • Share relevant research and signpost gaps in the evidence base 
  • Contribute insights to policy debates and government consultations 
  • Advise on Working Families’ research, such as the Modern Families Index and Employers Benchmark 
  • Share opportunities for research collaboration 
  • Provide a conduit between academic research and policy and practice 

The Board meets four times a year and sub-groups meet more frequently to respond to specific policy challenges. 

If you are an academic researcher interested in contributing to the Academic Advisory Board please contact: simon.kelleher@workingfamilies.org.uk (Head of Policy & Influencing). 

Our current board members 

Deirdre Anderson Cranfield School of Management University of Cranfield 
Emma Banister Alliance Business School University of Manchester 
Heejung Chung School of Social Policy University of Kent 
Rose CookGlobal Women’s Institute for LeadershipKings College London
Sarah Forbes Business School University of Birmingham 
Katy Jones Centre for Decent Work and Productivity Manchester Metropolitan University 
Jasmine Kelland Business School University of Plymouth 
Clare Kelliher Cranfield School of Management University of Cranfield 
Suzan Lewis Business School University of Middlesex 
Susan Milner Institute for Policy Studies University of Bath 
Helen Norman Business School University of Leeds 
Raj Patel Impact Fellow, Understanding Society University of Essex 
Ian Roper Business School University of Essex 
Bianca Stumbitz Business School University of Middlesex 
Tracey Warren Business School University of Nottingham 
Krystal WilkinsonCentre for Decent Work and ProductivityManchester Metropolitan University
Afshin Zilanawala Faculty of Social Sciences University of Southampton