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Published: 27 May 2021

Streamline Corporate – Finalist 2021, Best for Flexible Working

Streamline Corporate is a provider of branded merchandise, branded clothing and print. The organisation began flexible working in 2011 and it’s starting point has always been ‘yes’ to flexible working requests. This has intensified since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and flexibility now includes:

  • remote working
  • term time working
  • part-time working
  • early finishes and late starts
  • compressed hours
  • reduced hours
  • working away
  • ad-hoc flexibility

Trust is a large component of the organisation’s culture, with senior team members modelling flexible working and leading by example if they have a family matter to attend to. Employees are measured on outcomes and results, rather than time spent at work.

Fortnightly employee surveys monitor areas of work-life balance, stress due to workload and happiness at work. Streamline has an open-door policy and encourage monthly one on one ‘Good Chats’ with line managers to discuss wellbeing, and mental and physical health.

Family values are at the heart of the business where people are encouraged to openly discuss their homelife if they are comfortable doing so. Many of the policies are informed with family and flexibility in mind, which has led to staff satisfaction levels of 7.8 out of 10 for work/life balance and happiness.

Family commitments are recognised as priority aspects of everyone’s life and the business adapts to meet the needs of its team members who contribute to the company’s success.

Award sponsored by Find Your Flex Group