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Modern Families Index 2018 – Employer Summary Report

This report summarises the key findings for employers from the Modern Families Index 2018: how employers can support the UK’s working families. 

With dual-earning families on the rise in the UK, the topic of family-friendly workplaces is a pressing one. The Modern Families Index explores how working families, however configured, are managing the combination of work and family life. Examined through the lens of their employment, the Index crucially asks parents what needs to change for them to better manage what can be a complicated balancing act.

Key Findings

  • The UK continues to have a long hours culture which disadvantages working parents and damages family life – and parents are voting with their feet in response.
  • There is a clear and growing parenthood penalty – fathers as well as mothers are making career compromises.
  • Flexible working on its own is not enough to deliver work life balance for parents.
  • Family friendly workplace culture is key to unlocking parents’ potential.

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