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How we helped an expectant mother suffering pregnancy discrimination

Jane* worked for an international organisation. After 2 years abroad, she moved to London, where she was given a 6 month contract. Soon after this she found out she was pregnant and was subsequently told that her contact was not going to be renewed. She was told this was because there had been complaints about her work and she had missed her targets but Jane had never been told about any such issues before.

Jane contacted us for help and we helped her write a letter seeking an explanation for allegations about her performance. The company wasn’t able to provide any proof and it was clear to Jane that her contract was at an end simply because she was pregnant.

On our advice, Jane put in an Employment Tribunal claim for pregnancy discrimination. We helped Jane make her application, prepare her case and find a lawyer. The employers settled Jane’s claim the day before the hearing.

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A pregnant lady Jane is just one of almost 3,000 parents who contact our legal advice line each year seeking advice on issues such as maternity/paternity discrimination and flexible working. If you need advice, you can reach our free advice line on: 0300 012 0312

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* Names of case studies are changed to protect callers’ identities