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How your donation can help

Here are a few of the ways that we have helped callers to our legal advice helpline.

  • How we helped a mother returning to work after maternity leave.

    "With your support I felt comfortable to challenge my employer and also to take it as high as possible. I'm thrilled with the outcome."

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    How we helped a mother having difficulty balancing work and caring responsibilities

    "Without the wonderful help and advice I received from the Working Families' helpline, I would not have been able to resolve these issues."

  • A pregnant lady

    How we helped an expectant mother suffering pregnancy discrimination

    Jane has said that the support she received was 'amazing' and that the outcome of the case "changed her life".

  • Priyanka's story

    Priyanka called us when she was 28 weeks pregnant. She had worked for her employer on a zero hours contract since before she became pregnant. But at this point in her pregnancy her employer refused to give her any more work and told her she was on maternity leave.

  • Jenny's story

    Working Families took a call on our legal advice line from Jenny, a mother whose family had been forced to pay back a tax credit ‘overpayment’ they simply couldn’t afford.

  • Caroline's story

    Caroline is a mother of two disabled children. She was about to return to work with her large employer after a period of unpaid carer’s leave. When she checked that she would still be working the family-friendly hours she had worked before, she was told that if she needed to take one of her children to an appointment it would be treated as unauthorised absence and she would be penalised.