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Special Appeal

Help us rise to new challenges in 2018


Working Families provides free legal advice, helping thousands of parents every year to assert their in-work rights and stay in work, protecting their family time together as well as their income.

Most of the parents we support are struggling on a low income or care for disabled children, and desperately need our advice to help them at work.

We advise on flexible working, maternity and parental rights at work, and in-work benefits. Helping parents to understand how the law applies to them, and to negotiate with their manager often enables them to stay in work whilst caring for their family.

Our challenge in 2018

Working Families has made huge progress – working with companies to introduce family-friendly policies, and campaigning for changes in employment law that help working parents stay in work whilst caring for their families, affording them a better work life balance.

But there’s more to do.

Please donate today to help us rise to 2018’s new challenges – ensuring our hard-won employment rights are protected and pushing the government and employers to go further. We need to raise an additional £20,000 to make our campaigns a reality, ensuring the best deal for the UK’s working families.

1. The ‘Right to Request Flexible Working’ is being reviewed in 2019

Our 2018 Modern Families Index shows that less than half of parents feel flexible working is a genuine option in their workplace; and 46% still don’t work flexibly. For many that do, it isn’t delivering the control they need for the work life balance they want.  We need to push for day one flexibility so that jobs are advertised as flexible at the recruitment stage. This will stop flexibility being seen as a favour to working parents rather than a common sense way of doing business.

2. Protecting employment rights after Brexit

Many working parents’ rights in the UK are based on EU law.  We have had some reassurances on maintaining employment rights but we’re also keen to ensure the UK ‘keeps pace’ with European developments, such as new proposals on work life balance, once we are outside the EU. We’re campaigning for Parliament to know about future changes so UK working parents don’t miss out. To do this we need your help.

How we have helped parents

Names and details have been changed to protect people’s identity.

Jane felt pressured by her employer to work when she was unwell during pregnancy. She felt so alone yet knew she was being treated unfairly. Speaking to us made her feel more confident of her rights … and she noticed that her employer backed down after seeing she had sought advice from our Legal Advice Service.

Mary’s shifts didn’t work with her childcare – but her manager said she had two options – to accept or resign! Our Legal Advice Service helped Mary request and secure flexible working

How your donation will help

  • £39 will pay for us to give personalised legal advice to a parent struggling with a problem at work.
  • £500 would provide 20 outreach sessions for parents of disabled children
  • £2,000 would support our ground-breaking campaigns to uphold employment rights that will make the UK a better place to live and work for everyone.

Thank you for your support