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National Work Life Week 2015: National Assembly for Wales

The National Assembly for Wales’s 430 members of staff were offered a range of activities and information to help them think about their ways of working during National Work Life Week 2015.


Activities included:

  • Highlighting free training opportunities for staff including how to deal with stress and build resilience.
  • A lunchtime walk for staff across Cardiff Bay.
  • MOT sessions with the Assembly’s occupational health nurse, who could measure and discuss options to improve weight, blood pressure and stress.
  • Meditation sessions before work and at lunchtime.
  • Training for line managers including how to deal with queries from staff on work life balance.
  • Highlighting existing resources, such as the Assembly’s networks for parents and carers.
  • Profiling a blog from Chief Executive, Claire Clancy, about her own challenges to balance work and life.
  • Highlighting webinars and resources by Working Families.


Elin Hughes, senior HR manager at the Assembly, said:


“The week went really well. The training for line managers and MOT sessions with the nurse were particularly popular and we’re currently planning how we can make the week bigger and better this year.


“We strive to be a flexible employer all the time, so supporting and taking part in National Work Life Week is a great fit for us.


“We all have a duty of care to look after our employees. We have to make sure we have a happy and healthy workforce because it’s better for us too. People are more motivated and productive.


“What’s more, most of the time, we’re simply promoting training, resources and options that members of staff have access to all the time, but they might not realise it. The campaign week is a great focal point for us to remind staff how we can help them.”


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