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National Work Life Week 2015: Barclays

The banking group put flexible working at the heart of conversation for its 51,000 UK staff in National Work Life Week 2015.


Activities included:


  • A series of webinars and events were hosted across the UK by Barclays Working Families Network, a network of parents and carers These included webinars on ways to be the best parent you can while working in a demanding environment, exploring what it means to have ‘work-life balance’ and breaking down many of the pressures parents deal with when managing home and work and suggesting solutions that fit colleagues’ individual situations and values.
  • Colleagues held ‘buzz chats’ (a real time internal online conversation) on the bank’s philosophy of ‘dynamic working’.
  • Barclaycard promoted Go Home early day via the staff intranet.
  • Examples of how colleagues work dynamically and manage their parental responsibility and work commitments were shared via Barclays’ intranet.
  • Clinics were held for line managers on dynamic working and on supporting new mums and dads. A total of 3000 line managers have now attended these virtual clinics, some of which ran during National Work Life Week.


Nikunj Upadhyay, chief of staff for diversity and inclusion and multigenerational lead, said:


“There’s a great deal of support for National Work Life Week at Barclays.


“One of our strategic priorities is to be seen and experienced as a great place to work. And the feedback we get from colleagues shows a direct link between flexible working and people feeling more engaged. That has a knock-effect with productivity and staff retention, so we actively seek to create an environment that’s flexible and inclusive.


“At Barclays we’re trying to evolve to the next level of flexible working. We call it dynamic working. It’s about integrating your professional and personal life and defining your own working arrangement.


“National Work Life Week has a direct link to this philosophy so we’ll be making the most of the campaign again this year to highlight to staff how we can help them achieve the balance they need, whatever their life stage.”


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