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Home Shop * Managing Remote/Home Workers – FREE download

* Managing Remote/Home Workers – FREE download


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COVID-19 (coronavirus) is changing the world of work, and employers are having to adapt quickly to a more flexible way of working. Working Families has over 40 years of experience helping employers create flexible, hybrid and high-performing teams. We are passionate about flexible working at all times, not just as a stop-gap measure during a pandemic. So we are giving away this free resource to help you manage your remote and home workers to help you on your journey.

(Please note this is part of our toolkit – Leading flexible, hybrid and high-performing teams: resources for managers). 

This product is a digital download and will be delivered to your e-mail address.


The Working Families online shop carries a range of resources for supporting flexible teams and guidance on home-working. We also offer a range of coaching and business support including workshops and webinars. 

Working Families members have full access to all the materials in our online shop.