Job Design and Flexible Recruitment

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This toolkit contains the following downloads:

  • Job Design – An Employer’s Guide
  • Flexible Recruitment – An Employer’s Guide
  • Flex-Fit Job Analysis Tool (pdf and PowerPoint)

There are three occasions when you will find this toolkit useful:

    1. When undertaking a strategic review of all the roles in your team, assessing the potential for flexibility across the span of your responsibilities and the people you manage.
    2. When taking a closer look at a specific role, perhaps because a colleague has made a request to change their working arrangements, or because you think the role might benefit from being designed differently.
    3. When you have a vacancy to fill, whether to an existing or to a new role.

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Being able to offer more jobs on a flexible basis can be hugely beneficial to your organisation, helping you close the gender pay gap, widen your talent pool, and ensure you have the best person for the job. This toolkit will help you undertake a strategic review of the roles within your organisation, supporting you to recruit more flexibly. It includes the Flex-fit Job Analysis Tool, which will help you identify the flexibility inherent in any role and provide a solid evidence base for flexible working discussions.

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