Leading flexible, hybrid and high-performing teams: resources for managers

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This toolkit contains the following documents:

  • Leading flexible, hybrid and high-performing teams
  • What is flexible and hybrid working and why does it matter?
  • Summary of how to manage a request to work flexibly
  • A manager’s guide to managing a request for flexible working
  • Flexible and hybrid team protocols: What will work for your team?
  • Managing remote/home workers
  • Ten steps to creating a successful flexible and hybrid team
  • Top tips for maintaining good communication for homeworking teams

This toolkit equips you to create, lead and manage a flexible, hybrid and high-performing team. Flexible working practices are now the norm in most organisations. There is a widespread recognition that it is important to offer all employees greater control and autonomy in how they work, and an understanding that doing so can bring a real commercial advantage.

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These resources equip you to manage both:

informal variations to the ways in which teams or individual employees might work, agreed on an informal basis – for example, if one of your team wanted to work 8.30am to 4.30pm rather than 9am to 5pm, to work from home on an ad hoc basis, or if someone wanted to make a short term change whilst setting up care arrangements for an elderly relative; and

formal requests – where an employee makes a formal request to make a permanent change to their working arrangements – either their hours of work or their place of work (e.g. working from home).

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