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Creating a flexible, high-performing workplace: resources for senior leadership

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These resources provide an overview of what is needed at leadership level to create a high-performing flexible workplace, and what is needed from other stakeholders in the organisation. It gives practical advice on some of the key issues and challenges which underpin – and can undermine – successful culture change.

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These resources are for senior leaders, CEOs, HRDs, CFOs, MDs and owner/managers and is based on evidence from organisations from all sectors and of all sizes across the UK, who are already reaping the benefits of an engaged and flexible workforce.

This Flexible Working toolkit includes the following documents:

  • Employers Guide – Creating a high-performing flexible workplace.
  • What is flexible working?
  • The business case for flexible working
  • Model flexible working policy
  • Overcoming managers’ concerns about flexible working
  • Remote or homeworking health and safety

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