Flexible/homeworking Best Practice Policy Review and Toolkits

£750.00 + VAT

The Flexible/Homeworking Policy Review and Toolkit includes:

  • A full review of your flexible working policies by a Working Families expert
  • Our ‘Creating a flexible, high-performing workplace: resources for senior leadership’ toolkit
  • ‘Leading high-performing, flexible teams: resources for managers’ toolkit 
  • ‘Job Design and Flexible Recruitment’ toolkit 

The toolkits in this product are digital downloads and will be delivered to your e-mail address. 

This product includes a policy review with one of our relationship managers who will be in touch shortly after purchase to schedule your review.

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Are your policies on flexible and remote/homeworking up to date in line with government guidance? Every employer, in the post-Covid world of work, is going to need to revisit their policies and practices having taken on board the lessons learnt from the way work has been done in the last few months.

Having the right policies in place and enabling managers to provide the right support through the transition to a new way of working will increase performance, facilitate career progression, and reduce the stress and anxiety of your working parents and carers.

Our experts will help you review your policies and share with you what best practice looks like for flexible working. If you don’t have policies, we can help you create them. Additionally, we will provide you with three comprehensive toolkits comprising tools, templates, factsheets and guides for senior leaders and line managers in supporting flexible working in the workplace.

Full contents:

‘Creating a flexible, high-performing workplace: resources for senior leadership’ toolkit, which includes:

    • Employers Guide – Creating a high-performing flexible workplace.
    • What is flexible working?
    • The business case for flexible working
    • Model flexible working policy
    • Overcoming managers’ concerns about flexible working
    • Remote or homeworking health and safety

 ‘Leading high-performing, flexible teams: resources for managers’ toolkit which includes:

    • Leading high performing flexible teams
    • What is flexible working and why does it matter?
    • Summary of how to manage a request to work flexibly
    • A manager’s guide to managing a request for flexible working
    • Flexible team protocols: What will work for your team?
    • Managing remote/home workers
    • How to work flexibly as a manager
    • Ten steps to creating a successful flexible team

‘Job Design and Flexible Recruitment’ toolkit which includes:

    • Job Design and Flexible Recruitment – An Employer’s Guide
    • Flex-Fit Job Analysis Tool

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