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  • Response on flexible working, parental leave and pay transparency

    Working Families has put forward a response to the Government’s recent (2019) consultations about transparency of flexible working and family related leave and pay policies. To support our response, Working Families carried out two surveys: one with our employer members, and one with our parent/carer supporters. In addition, in February 2019, Working Families held a […]

  • Working Families Benchmark 2019

    This summary report considers some of the main findings from the 2019 Benchmark, and gives an insight into the policies, practices, and cultures within some of the UK’s most family-friendly employers.

  • Modern Families Index 2019 – Employer Report

    Focussing on flexibility tells us a lot about how parents are doing at work. Are they progressing? Are they able to balance family life and work? Do they feel that the way their work is designed and organised allows them to do their best? From a work-life fit and flexible working point of view, we have considered the key takeaways for employers.

  • 2019 Modern Families Index – Summary Report

    This report summarises the key findings from the 2019 Modern Families Index – the most comprehensive survey of how working families manage the balance between work and family life in the UK.

  • 2019 Modern Families Index – Full Report

    The Modern Families Index is the most comprehensive study of how working parents manage the balance between work and family life in the UK.

  • Flexible Hiring – Guidance for Employers

    Start from the position that most jobs have some flexibility in them and use the following guidance to think through how a role can be done flexibly from the start.

  • From Child to Adult: A guide to disability, transition and family finances – updated 2019

    How are family finances affected when your disabled child becomes an adult? When is it most advantageous for a young person to start claiming their own benefits? Can you change your working hours to fit with your disabled young person’s new regime? Working Families’ free transition booklet has sections for parents and carers and disabled […]

  • Working Families Benchmark 2018

    The top Employers for Working Families Benchmark reveals trends and best practice, building a picture over time of changes and developments in flexible, agile and family friendly working policy and practice.

  • Off Balance 2018 – Parents of disabled children and paid work

    Combining work and family life is a complex juggling act for all parents. But for parents of disabled children, the challenges are greater still.

  • Modern Families Index 2018 – Employer Report

    What do the 2018 Modern Families Index findings mean for employers? This report explores this question, offering advice and solutions to help working families and businesses thrive. It covers: working time and work organisation gender flexible working practices effects of work on family life parents and the workplace workplace culture Most importantly, it considers the […]