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Working Families Index 2022

A cover image of the Working Families Index 2022 report

The Working Families Index is the most comprehensive study of the experience of work and family life in the UK.  

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Based on a survey of 2,806 parents and carers in late 2021, it examines finances, working arrangements, managing and sharing childcare, and personal wellbeing – and tracks their development over time.  

The Index, sponsored by our partners Talking Talent, builds on 8 years of previous research. It offers new insight into the effect of the societal impact of Covid-19 on working families. Most notably, we see the impact of the pandemic on family finances and access to flexible work. Compared with survey findings from just two years ago, significantly more parents report finding it financially harder to raise a family. This is now a clear trend.  

Read more and download the report and the employer action briefing on our Working Families Index page.