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Off Balance 2018 – Parents of disabled children and paid work

Combining work and family life is a complex juggling act for all parents. But for parents of disabled children, the challenges are greater still.

The journey is different for each family. What is common is that parents will need to make changes in their working lives to better balance the needs of their families.

But we heard from hundreds of parents who are met with an assumption that they will give up work simply because they have a disabled child. The voices of the parents in this report tell a different story. Many parents are trying to remain and progress within their jobs, in the face of a lack of support from the services that they rely on.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A more flexible labour market, sufficient childcare, and more responsive public services would prevent these parents from being locked out of the labour market. And would give employers access to a richer talent pool.

Working Families surveyed 1,250 parents of disabled children during autumn 2017 and held a focus group to explore some issues in greater detail.

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