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Modern Families Index 2019 – Employer Report

This report summarises the key findings for employers from the 2019 Modern Families Index. 

The Modern Families Index is an annual study exploring how working families combine work and family life. It looks at how parents are experiencing life outside of work through the lens of their employment and asks parents what needs to change for them to better manage the demands of home and work. In 2019, the study was based on a survey of 2,750 working parents with children under 13. The sample is drawn equally from across 11 UK regions and nations to help achieve a balanced picture of working arrangements, types of employment and income.

Focussing on flexibility tells us a lot about how parents are doing at work. Are they progressing? Are they able to balance family life and work? Do they feel that the way their work is designed and organised allows them to do their best? From a work-life fit and flexible working point of view, we have considered the key takeaways for employers.

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