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2017 Modern Families Index summary report

This report highlights key findings from the 2017 Modern Families Index – the most comprehensive survey of working parents in the UK. It looks at how families manage the balance between family life and work.

It focuses on:

  • Balancing the twin currencies: time and money
  • Working hours squeezing parents’ family time
  • The impact of time-poverty
  • The ‘flexibility gap’
  • The ‘fatherhood penalty’
  • Sharing caring – mothers, fathers and grandparents.

It also summarises our policy recommendations.  Learning from what parents who have completed the Index say, based on the reality of their experience, shows us what is working for working families, and what needs to change – to inform the policy landscape, configuration of the labour market and employment practice in the UK.

Further information is also available in our full report

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