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2017 Modern Families Index full report

The Modern Families Index, kindly supported by Bright Horizons, is a snapshot of how working families in the UK manage the balance between family life and work. The Index asks them what their family and work balance is like, whether or not the balance they have matches their aspirations, and what the effects of being a working parent and an employee are on family life.

How much time do families spend together, and what is the quality of that time? Are parents able to leave work at work, or do they bring it home with them? In couple families, how do parents share working and caring and is this changing between the generations? And do parents feel that their employer and government are doing enough to help them combine work and family?

The Index is not a study of a particular group of parents, but seeks to capture the experiences of ‘everyday’ families, however configured. It describes the pressure points where family and work meet today, and how these vary by demographic and other circumstances. Learning from what parents who have completed the Index say, based on the reality of their experience, shows us what is working for working families, and what needs to change – to inform the policy landscape, configuration of the labour market and employment practice in the UK.

An overview of key findings is also available in our summary report.

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