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What is Go Home on Time Day?

Published: 23 Aug 2016

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The idea

At Working Families we believe that families in the UK need time as well as money to thrive and that business success is about productivity, not impressive timesheets.

This thinking led us to create Go Home on Time Day (5 October 2016), an annual event designed to raise awareness of the importance of work life balance to both employees and employers in the UK.

It’s being held during National Work Life Week (3-7 October).

Some facts we want everyone to know29% of parents feel burnout often or all of the time

  • A third of parents (29 per cent) reported being burned out often or all the time
  • Four out of ten parents say that work intrudes to stop them spending time with children often or all the time
  • More than one in ten UK employees work over 50 hours per week
  • Workload is the main reason that working parents are putting in extra hours at work
  • Four out of ten younger fathers would take a pay cut to improve their work life balance

What are we trying to achieve?

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It’s #timetorebalance work and family life and we are asking all supporters of family friendly, progressive workplaces to join our community and call for a permanent shift in the UK’s work culture. We want to start a national discussion that puts work life balance and employee wellbeing at the forefront and stresses that going home on time should be the norm, not the exception.

Family-friendly and flexible workplaces benefit employees and employers alike. We want widespread adoption of progressive working practices that supports employee wellbeing and productivity making the UK a better place to live and work for all.

How can you take part?

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On Go Home on Time Day: You can contribute by going home on time, putting your work down in the evening and thinking about changes you can make to your work life balance. We would also like you to post a picture of your watch or clock as you leave work on time on the 5th October and post it to Twitter or Facebook saying “I’m going home on time today to…” with the hashtag #timetorebalance. If you mention @workingfamuk we will be sure to retweet you.

Before the event: Follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts and share this article along with the date of Go Home on Time Day (5 October) with your family, friends and colleagues. Please use the hashtag #timetorebalance and tag @workingfamuk so we know you are taking part. There is also a Facebook event you can sign up to and you can download National Work Life Week Logos and images to share with friends, family and colleagues online.

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