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Response to Supreme Court tribunal fees ruling

Published: 26 Jul 2017

In response to the UK Supreme Court ruling that tribunal fees are unlawful, and that they will cease to apply with immediate effect, Sarah Jackson Chief Executive of Working Families said:


“This is fantastic news for workers everywhere. And especially for the 54,000 women a year who lose their jobs simply because they have had a child.


“Its good news for those who will be getting their fees back, but there is no justice for the many women who couldn’t afford to pursue their case in the first place. One of the people we worked with is Casey, who was on a zero hours contract but was working at least 30 hours every week. When she became pregnant, suddenly she found there were no shifts at all available for her – even though all her colleagues continued their usual hours. In effect, she was fired. She had just over £3,000 in savings; there was no way she could afford to spend nearly half on an uncertain outcome, especially with a baby on the way; but her hard earned savings ruled out any help with fees.


“The only people to have benefitted from fees are rogue employers who felt this gave them a green light to discriminate against new and expectant mothers.”



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