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Nominations now open for the 2022 Movers and Shakers: Working Dads Employer Awards 

Published: 15 Mar 2022

What are the Movers and Shakers: Working Dads Employer Awards? 

We know that supporting working dads to be active parents at home has huge benefits to mental health and wellbeing, retention and recruitment, gender equality and outcomes for children. And in the last few years, some UK based employers have taken some major steps to supporting their working dads. 

We have partnered with MusicFootballFatherhood and the University of Birmingham’s Equal Parenting project to support the launch the inaugural 2022 Movers and Shakers: Working Dads Employer Awards.  

The awards will be a list of employers who are doing ground-breaking work to support working dads to be successful employees at work and active parents in the home.  

The aim of the awards is to recognise and celebrate some fantastic achievements while sharing best practice with other organisations who are looking to do support their working dads in regards to parental leave, returning to work, flexible working and workplace culture. 

Employers can nominate themselves for the awards here

When is the award ceremony and what do the winners receive? 

The inaugural awards will be celebrated on Tuesday 24th May 2022 at a prestigious event in Parliament. 

Employers that win the award will be recognised with a digital badge and be published alongside other employers on the winners list for one year. 

When do nominations open and how do employers apply? 

The nomination process opens on Monday 14th March and closes on Monday 18th April. 

Any employer with a UK based business can apply for the awards.  

The nomination form consists of 4 categories and organisations can apply for 1 or multiple categories. The categories are: 

  • flexible working
  • parental leave
  • return to work, and 
  • leadership and culture.  

Within each of these areas the submitting organisation will be asked to input some quantitative data, where they have this available, and answer some open-ended questions. The quantitative questions include areas such as the total part time working requests by men accepted (in the last financial year) and the qualitative questions include areas like ‘how your culture and leadership in the organisations helps support fathers’.  

The responses to the open-ended questions will be graded 1-5 by an expert panel with 5 being the highest.  The grading will be based upon the details they can evidence, including the use of quantitative data.  

The judging process will take place between Monday 18th April to Monday 9th May. The nominations will be judged by representatives from MusicFootballFatherhood, Equal Parenting Project and the partner organisations. 

To apply for the awards, please complete the nomination form here. To make the process as user friendly as possible, you are able to download a copy of the form into a word document, complete the sections and then upload onto the form. 

Case studies and resources 

As well as celebrating successes, the aim of the awards is to share best practice and inspire employers to take action. The awards team will create case studies and resources through video, written and podcast format. 

Who are the awards partner organisations?  

The awards are led by MusicFootballFatherhood and the Equal Parenting Project with support from partner organisations. Partners include: 

  • BITC
  • CBI
  • Fatherhood Institute 
  • Future Men 
  • Global Equality Collective 
  • Pregnant then screwed 
  • Women’s Medical Foundation 
  • Working Families 

We are looking forward to receiving your application. We believe that these are important awards that will help shape the future of work and improve wellbeing, gender equality and family life across the UK. 

To be a part of this movement, please complete your nomination form here.