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Inflexible Britain: Experts warn of major jobs ‘bottleneck’

Published: 9 Jun 2015

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Research by flexibility experts, Timewise, today reveals that just 6.2% of quality job vacancies in the UK mention flexible working options.  This lack of transparency in job advertisements, say the report authors, is leaving 14.1 million UK workers who want flexibility to fit with modern life, locked out of chances to progress.

The Timewise Flexible Jobs Index ranks job roles and UK regions according to how easy it is to find a flexible job in them.

Key findings from the report also included:

  • Flexible opportunities are better outside of the Capital.
  • Health and education jobs are leading the way in flexible working.
  • Flexibility declines at higher salary levels.

Timewise have also endorsed Working Families “Happy to Talk Flexible Working” strapline, which encourages employers to think about job design before recruitment, and gives potential qualified applicants the confidence to ask about alternative patterns at work at interview stage.

Sarah Jackson, Working Families CEO said:

One simple step can change recruiting culture for good.  Moving to an assumption of flexible by default and asking hiring managers to justify advertising a role non-flexibly and being happy to talk flexible working opens up the application process to even more people with the skills and talent employers are looking for.  We warmly welcome this report from Timewise which shows just how important initiatives like “Happy to Talk” really are.

To read the full Timewise Flexible Jobs Index report visit www.timewise.co.uk

For further information on Happy to Talk Flexible Working visit our Campaign pages.