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Building the Business Case for Flexible Working – the new online guide

Published: 6 Jun 2016

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When it comes to building the business case for embedded agile working there’s so much information out there it can be hard to know where to start. So we’ve done all the hard work and created an online, step-by-step guide to help you construct your business case.

Our new online guide covers the case that flexible working brings:

  • Higher levels of productivity which can lead to increased output at no additional cost
  • Staff retention, reducing turnover and the cost of retraining
  • Recruitment opportunities, ensuring you have access to the best talent

And the case that flexible working is necessary to adapt to future trends:

  • The globalisation of work and demand for 24 hour service
  • Changing demographics and attitudes towards work

It also covers the social case and the health and wellbeing case for flexible working.

Our online content will guide you through:?

  • The here and now approach – the evidence and case studies you’ll need to show that flexible working increases organisational performance and productivity

Including the evidence that flexible working improves productivity, see our sample page here: Productivity

  • The future-proofing approach – the evidence and case studies you’ll need to show that flexible working is necessary to adapt to future trends

Including the evidence behind the social case for flexible working, see our sample page here: The Social Case

  • Building the proactive business case – if your organisation has yet to benefit from flexible working across the board
  • Building the business case retrospectively – to support organisations where flexible working has already been taken up by some groups of employees and you want to make the case for further progression
  • Identifying and overcoming the barriers to change
  • Technology – how it can facilitate changing working styles and bring about change

Full content is available to Working Families’ employer members. View the sample pages here.