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Benchmarking flexibility – in policy and in practice

Published: 4 Oct 2017

Our member benchmark is unique and comprehensive. It measures all aspects of flexible and agile and work life policies and practice, and how these are integrated into an organisation’s values and culture.

We’ve drilled down into organisational behaviour and attitudes, looked at the nitty gritty of policies, assessed how consistently flexibility is on offer across the organisation, and sought evidence of measuring agility.

The results are important for developing people strategy for those organisations that took part but they also show an overall picture of the evolving way in which organisations think about work life balance and flexible working.

Some of our key findings this year include:

  • three quarters of organisations do not require hiring managers to justify a flexible hire
  • half of benchmarking organisations routinely assess their vacancies for flexibility before advertising them. Find out how our strapline can help.
  • more than three quarters of employers reported that Shared Parental Leave uptake is running in line with or above their expectations
  • a quarter of organisations have trained more than three quarters of their managers in managing flexible working and flexible workers

Read the full benchmark findings.

Find out how to take part in our benchmark.