Fountain penWelcome to our WorkFlex Blog where we explore news, policy developments and ideas relating to how parents, carers and their employers can best achieve a good work-life balance.

In the interests of open debate and the exploration of new ideas, any  views expressed here may not necessarily represent the formal view of Working Families.

  • From the legal frontline of coronavirus: the diary of a Working Families adviser

    1 Apr 2020

    Since the COVID-19 outbreak started, Working Families has received an unprecedented number of queries from parents and carers who are in dire straits due to the virus.

  • School’s out – and the problems of inflexible and insecure work are laid bare

    19 Mar 2020

    Schools have closed because of the coronavirus, and for many, work-life boundaries will be going out the window. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Employers: When you say a job is flexible, make sure you really mean it—or face the consequences.

    24 Jan 2020

    It’s clear that advertising more jobs on a part-time and flexible basis would support parents to find work, stay in work, and—crucially—support their career progression.

  • How Flexible Recruitment Could Transform the World of Work for Parents and Carers

    10 Oct 2019

    Jane van Zyl, Chief Executive of Working Families, outlines how flexible recruitment is key to transforming the world of work.  National Work Life Week is a chance for employees and employers to have conversations about work-life balance.  At Working Families, it’s a time for us to reflect on how we can make the workplace a better place for millions […]

  • Knowing your rights for work-life balance

    7 Oct 2019

    National Work Life Week provides a chance to reflect on your work-life balance. For many working parents and carers, getting this balance right can be elusive. Luckily, there are some legal rights designed to make it a little easier. But many working parents don’t know what their rights are.

  • Every Week is National Work Life Week at Zurich UK

    7 Oct 2019

    By Steve Collinson, Head of HR at Zurich, a Working Families employer member. Empowering our people to work in a way that fits around their own personal needs is at the core of our business DNA. This is not simply a ‘bandwagon’ we’ve jumped on to gain media traction or fall in line with the […]

  • Can flexible working reduce your gender pay gap?

    25 Sep 2019

    Your gender pay gap tells you that your organisation probably has fewer women in better paid, more senior roles; more in less well paid, more junior roles; and probably more women than men in part-time roles.

  • Finding balance through running

    17 Sep 2019

    I’m delighted that I’m running this year’s Royal Parks half on behalf of Working Families. The charity helps working parents and carers—and their employers—find a better balance between responsibilities at home and in the workplace.

  • How employers can adapt to meet the needs of carers

    15 Jul 2019

    Clare McIntosh is mum to three gorgeous children and has worked full time for the last three years since joining her company as part of the Carers Returner Program. Her son has Down Syndrome and she was given the opportunity during Carers Week recently to share her experiences and thoughts on how employers can adapt to meet the needs of Carers.

  • Walking the Walk

    21 Jun 2019

    Today we celebrate Go Home on Time Day, Working Families’ national campaign to raise awareness of the importance of work-life balance.