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Flexible Friday

Current working patterns in the UK steal time from employees.  Recent research conducted by the charity Working Families shows that despite the introduction of the right to request flexible working for all and Shared Parental Leave, a significant number of parents are unhappy with their work life balance: over a quarter feel resentful towards their employer and forty percent said their work life was becoming increasingly stressful.

So Flexible Friday is a great opportunity for employers to show their social responsibility towards their employees and examine their working patterns to see if they can make them work better, so that they do not steal time but enhance their lives so that they can be productive at work and engaged at home.

So as responsible employers, Flexible Friday provides a great opportunity to consider the strapline Happy to Talk Flexible Working.  Could your workforce work more flexibly? Today is the day to have conversations about how that could be achieved, leading to better productivity and a happier, healthier workforce.