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Working Families Equalised Parental Leave Roundtable

7 Feb 2022 | 12 noon to 1pm

This event has sold out (Members only event)

Times are changing and many employers are moving away from having separate maternity and paternity policies, in favour of creating equal parenting policies. By removing any gender bias and preconceptions around who might choose to utilise them, organisations can create more inclusive provisions, that can better support the men and women within their workplace, and potentially close the gender pay gap. However, how easily can this be done? What are the timescales? How difficult is it to get buyin from senior management?  

In this session, Angela Gibson, Employee Relations Senior Manager at TSB and David Blackburn, Chief People Officer at the Financial Services Compensation Scheme will provide an insight into how they have successfully been through the process of implementing equalised parental leave within their organisations. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and for participants to ask questions. 

Please join us for this exciting roundtable event!  Places are limited and numbers are capped at one place per employee member organisation of Working Families.