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How to help parents in employment

13 Mar 2020 | 10am to 1pm | Family Friendly Working Scotland | 152 Bath Street | Robertson House | Glasgow | G2 4TB

How to help parents in employment: asking for flexible working, taking time off for your children and help with childcare costs.

Free training for advisers.

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Using case studies of working parents/carers, this half-day training aims to equip you with skills for advising parents on parental rights and in-work benefits. Provided by an employment rights adviser and benefit specialist, the training will give you a hands-on opportunity to consider practical solutions as well as legal remedies to work problems.

It requires no prior expertise and is suitable for both generalist and specialist advisers and volunteers. Lunch will be provided.

Case studies will cover some of the following:

  • How to ask for flexible working? the statutory right, the process to request a change of hours, negotiation techniques, the remedies if the request is refused, when to use sex discrimination arguments
  • How to react to a change imposed by the employer? how to challenge employers, the rules on resigning and claiming constructive dismissal
  • How to deal with emergencies or childcare gaps, using little known rights like unpaid parental leave and the right to time-off for dependents
  • Raising grievances: what can parents/carers do to raise complaints while remaining in work, time limits.
  • Help with childcare costs the options for parents, including information on Tax-free childcare and free childcare hours
  • In-Work benefits for parents Tax Credit and Universal Credit
  • Impact of change of hours on in-work benefits for parents: what, how and when should you notify a change of hours/income, risk of overpayment, how to calculate impact on level of benefits.

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