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Working Families coaching and business support will help you to develop a high performing, family-friendly organisation that encourages all employees to deliver their best performance through every life stage. We have the very best trainers and consultants, offer a wide variety of training and delivery options, and we can work with you to ensure that you have all the materials and skills to be one of the leading employers not only in your sector, but in the UK.

We have experience working with employers who have disparate workforces, employers whose staff work both regular and irregular shift patterns, and employers who have a workforce covering 24/7 functionality.

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We can help your organisation with:

Developing and implementing flexible working 

  • Getting senior level buyin 
  • Key elements of a flexible working strategy 
  • Changing mindsets and behaviours 
  • Ensuring acceptance and success 

 Recruiting for flexible working roles 

  • Helping you to build flexibility into each job vacancy you advertise 
  • Training hiring managers and recruiters  
  • Creating flexible job recruitment ads 

 Senior management, HR, and line manager training and support 

  • How to lead and manage high performing agile teams 
  • Understanding how a flexible approach enables high performance at every level 
  • Learning practical ways to support flexibility within your team 
  • Identifying enablers and blockers in your team and organisation 
  • Exploring ways of overcoming objections and examining ways of introducing flexible working within your organisation 

 Maternity, paternity and carer support 

  • Ensuring you meet legislative minimums 
  • Advising on best practice in supporting parents and carers 
  • Providing guidance for your employees and your managers on pregnancy, maternity leave and returning to work 
  • Training HR and line managers in how to support parents and carers 

We can support your employees with sessions on: 

  • Balancing work and being a parent / mother / father / carer 
  • Support for carers: the legal and practical reality of caring for elderly relatives and friends 
  • Successful flexible working 
  • Resilience through mindfulness 
  • New fathers / flexible working for fathers 

Download Group Coaching brochure

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Please contact us to find the training option that’s right for your business. All of the above can be delivered through face to face sessions, webinars, or e-learning 

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