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Published: 27 May 2021

Warmworks – Finalist 2021, Best small employer

The senior team lead by example when it comes to flexibility at Warmworks, the managing agent for the Scottish Government’s fuel poverty scheme. All seven of the organisation’s leadership team either work remotely, compress or flex their hours, or take time for volunteering and family commitments.

A range of flexible working options are open to all employees from day one, with around 35% choosing to flex their hours regularly, either formally or informally. Staff can also choose to work different shift patterns during term-time and school holidays.

Enhanced maternity and adoption leave are matched by shared parental leave and pay, offering couples the opportunity to share the early months of parenting. Fathers get paid time off for antenatal appointments.

Managers are encouraged to get to know each employee as an individual and inspire trust and commitment. They receive training in delivering family-friendly policies such as maternity, paternity and carer support and in supporting and managing flexible teams.

Warmworks offers paid dependants leave, childcare vouchers and access to free confidential advice through their high quality Employee Assistance Programme.

A dedicated Wellbeing at Warmworks programme is led by an employee who trained as a Mental Health Champion. They offer a safe space to talk for anyone worried about their own or a colleague’s wellbeing. As well as offering immediate non-judgemental support, the service signposts further help that is available.

Award sponsored by Independent Living Fund Scotland