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Published: 25 Aug 2017

Wales & West Housing, Finalist 2012, Best for Engagement Award

Wales & West Housing employs 341 people. They have used a number of measures to determine employee engagement, and they are confident that engagement is high and still improving. They have used The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For Survey (Not-for-Profit) to anonymously collate staff opinion to sample their employee group on how the organisation as a whole performs. They  have improved upon 2010 place of 14th in the Top 100 list to 8th in the UK in 2011 (making Wales and West Housing the top not-for-profit organisation in Wales), and also achieved the highest Three Star Award which denotes Wales & West Housing as ‘Extraordinary’ on the survey assessment tool. 90 per cent of staff are proud to work for the organisation and 85 per cent say that they love working for Wales & West Housing.

Other measures have also been incorporated to assess engagement. Sickness absence has declined steadily since 2008. Retention rates have improved, and turnover is down 50 per cent since 2005. In 2011 turnover was half the sector average.

Staff health and wellbeing is currently being measured. Employees in 2012 report high engagement with the organisation, and believe that the organisation is concerned for the wellbeing and health of employees.