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What contractual pay is offered to mothers* on maternity leave?18 weeks full pay
What contractual pay and leave is being offered to fathers/other parent who opt to take SPL?16 weeks full pay
Does contractual pay have to be repaid if the employees does not to return?If they leave within three months of returning
Will entitlement to SPL be reduced according to SML already taken?Yes, a total of 52 weeks of both SML and SPL
Is your contractual Shared Parental Pay reduced by the number of weeks of SMP received by the mother?No, although a total of 39 weeks of pay altogether
Can SPL be taken from day one of employment?Yes
Is it tied to the date of the child’s birth?No, only for the pay element
Are there any limitations on how SPL can be taken ie minimum continuous block?No, whatever suits them best
Do you incentivise certain patterns of leave?No, we want the parents to choose how best they wish to take the leave
Do you offer a bonus on return from SPL if minimum period it taken?No

*or primary adopter

How are you communicating and encouraging people to take SPL?

We have communicated the policy on our intranet, via the weekly Vice Chancellor’s newsletter, through two briefing sessions with the HR team and via Heads of Departments for dissemination to their teams.

Can you describe what wider cultural changes needed to support SPL are being implemented?

The patterns of leave that staff can take will be different.  The HR team have been trained to coach managers on how to support their staff to take the patterns of leave that suit the employee best, whilst maintaining business commitments.

What do you expect take up of SPL amongst fathers to be? Have you surveyed your employees about SPL and uptake?  Other surveys have shown that mothers may be unwilling to relinquish maternity leave: have you detected similar?

We expect take up among fathers to be slow initially, however the HR team have been trained to deal with requests in a positive way and support those to take leave.

Do you have any insight into how parents might like to take SPL? Which is best for your business in terms of planning?

Taking a continuous block makes it easier for us to plan cover arrangements, however we would like parents to be able to take discontinuous blocks if it suits them better.  We will not be steering them either way and will work to support whatever option they would like to take.