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Published: 22 Mar 2018

Senshi Digital – Winner 2018 Scottish Top Employers (SME)

Senshi Digital was the 2018 Winner of the Top Scottish Employers for Working Families Awards – SME employer (small) category and Innovation category.

Time to shine

In March 2016, digital design studio, Senshi Digital defied expectations and the current trend for putting in ever-increasing hours at the office by adopting a model trialled in Sweden, and instituting a six-hour working day.

The system works by starting the working day at 9.30am, and working in 45 minute ‘sprints’ aimed at completing a discrete process, or task. After that, staff enjoy a five minute decompression break.

With five of these during a working day, and a final, hour long sprint, the equivalent of eight hours work can be done in six, and everyone gets to go home at 3.30pm. The intention is that staff focus 100% of their attention.

The main motivator was the fact that a number of the staff, the company founder included, have young families, and were missing out on seeing their children grow up while they were at work.

Illuminating ideas

  • After a 3-month trial, the 6-hour working day initially aimed to achieve the same levels of productivity in 75% of the time. It turned out that the person-hour productivity has increased by nearly 40%.
  • All three recent hires have cited the six hours a day as a factor in choosing to work for Senshi Digital.
  • Client deadlines are being exceeded. Despite initial reservations, the Company founders says the initiative not only suits the way the team looks at world, but it fits with the kind of out-of-the-box thinking their customers call for.
  • Enhanced maternity and paternity provision are provided, as is the ability to work from home as appropriate.

“I left my previous job purely on the basis of the six hour day at Senshi. I have a young, family- my oldest is seven and the youngest four. Rather than always working late and battling traffic, I now have a chance to eat a meal with the kids, help my oldest with her homework, and feel I am part of them growing up. It works really well for the company as well. I find I work a lot harder, and achieve a lot more. We’ve not missed a deadline since the company went to the 6 hour day, so it must be working.”

Graham- Designer