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Published: 8 Jun 2022

People Untapped – Finalist 2022, Best Flexible Working

Logo for People Untapped

Flexibility runs throughout the thriving culture of People Untapped. As it goes from strength to strength, the business credits flexible working with its success and its engaged and high performing team. 

What flexibility looks like 

For People Untapped, flexibility is a fundamental part of their way of working. Many of the team work part time, and employees are autonomous in managing their workload based on business objectives. Where cumulative hours exceed standard hours, employees are paid overtime or can use the time flexibly to suit their needs.  

Jobs are advertised as being remote and flexible and are listed on flexible working recruitment platforms. Flexible working is formalised in contract, with core hours stipulated and the requirement to attend team days and business meetings communicated at the outset of the recruitment process, ensuring an alignment in expectations.  

The ‘4Day Week /Reclaiming Fridays’ initiative is instrumental in achieving a work life balance and is embraced by staff and respected by clients alike. Employees are encouraged to use this time to ‘down tools’, giving them the space to invest in personal development as well as meeting their family’s needs. 

Workplace culture 

Flexible working is intrinsic to the culture of People Untapped. A balanced approach to work and home life is modelled by the CEO, who has embedded values of empowerment and compassion. With a culture of flexible working from the outset, placing equal emphasis on being profitable and being a great place to work, the business has been able to attract and retain highly talented individuals overlooked by less forward-thinking organisations. 

Flexibility is seen as looking after the whole person. When leave is taken, formal process means functions are covered by other appropriate employees, to ensure employees can step away from commitments and use time off to rest and recharge. The supportive culture enables parents and carers to manage school holidays and ad hoc home-schooling requirements by pivoting and adapting their workloads.  

The business case for flexibility 

Under this leadership model with a flexible approach to working, the business has experienced significant growth, even during the pandemic. There is a high employee retention rate, matched by the levels of client satisfaction and retention, due to committed and motivated employees providing a quality service.  

A charitable collaboration with The Female Lead has amplified People Untapped’s voice in advocating flexibility for all and championing the removal of barriers to success to accelerate the next generation of female leaders.