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Published: 25 Aug 2017

Henmans LLP, Finalist 2012, Best for Career Progression for Flexible Workers Award

Henmans LLP is a law firm based in Oxford, employing 123 people. The firm has a commitment to work-life balance and believes that flexible working is no impediment to career development and progression. Performance and motivation are key, and the firm looks to reward these characteristics in its employees regardless of their working pattern.

The way that Henmans ensures career progression for its flexible workers can be seen in the following case studies. Firstly, a female employee, returning from maternity leave on a reduced hours basis was slotted into a newly created role to provide secretarial support for a flexibly working associate. She was also able to help a new colleague and over a number of months this work became a new career route for her to pursue within the firm. They have retained her skill and experience, and she has been able to develop a new career whilst still working flexibly.

Secondly, an employee had to reduce her hours for family reasons and the firm was able to accommodate her request. A new role came up, and although it was initially envisaged as a full time role, the employee who had reduced her hours was the best candidate and so fitted the new role to her available hours instead. This has worked out well for the firm and the individual, and is a good example of ensuring career progression for employees who need to work in a flexible way for family reasons.