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Published: 25 Aug 2017

Deutsche Bank, Winner 2011, the Best for Mothers Award

Having introduced a maternity coaching programme in 2008, Deutsche Bank has seen this benefit grow in popularity year on year. The coaching is not only offered to pregnant women, but also to all managers of women going on maternity leave. For women, the coaching program is designed to support a successful transition from and back into work. For line managers the program highlights and reinforces the benefits of good communication and planning. The workshops also provide a support community for mothers, as well as access to information and materials. The coaching programme also offers a 12-24 month session to some women, as this has been identified as the point when women tend to question their career. There is an ante-natal healthcare programme for expectant mothers, and ante and post natal yoga classes. Expectant mothers can also use the on-site medical centre; having these facilities on site/ within close vicinity has resulted in less disruption for expectant mothers to their working routine. A wider benefit of the maternity provisions is that Deutsche Bank have seen an increased retention rate of women returning from maternity leave.