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What to include in your entry

Making a winning entry: what to tell us

Share your story section.

Here are some of the things you could tell us where relevant:

1. What do you do – what is your entry about?

You could tell us about:

  • specific initiatives/policies/practices
  • family friendly and flexible working policies that go beyond statutory
  • senior support
  • consultation with staff
  • is what you are doing new to you/your sector
  • include any support for your initiatives/policies through line manager/staff training and communications strategy

2. Why have you done this and what targets do you have?

You could tell us about:

  • aims & objectives – what you want to change
  • your business case & benefits to organisation and people
  • what will success look like
  • how this makes you different from other employers

3. What have you achieved so far/impact?

You could tell us about:

  • how you are monitoring and measuring progress/take up, to date
  • evidence of success and effectiveness re aims and objectives
  • effect on culture
  • effect on policy and practices
  • effect on mindset and behaviours

4. What are your future plans for consolidating and building on your progress?

 You could tell us about:

  • ensuring it becomes embedded
  • future-proofing/safeguarding the initiative
  • how learning will be utilised
  • future enhancements
  • targets and goals – aligning these activities with long term strategies

If you have any questions, please contact Flora Wallington at