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A ‘families & work’ manifesto for 2015

making work actually work for all

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This manifesto has been drawn up through the work of the Families and Work Group, a coalition of charities working together to jointly develop sector thinking and co-ordinate policy responses around families and employment.

In recent decades, the world of work has changed enormously, in many ways for the better. But for all too many families, work simply isn’t working. Time-poor or cash-poor – or both – they struggle to achieve more than a barely tolerable work-life compromise. For them, the world of work has not changed anywhere near enough.

And for employers, the lack of flexibility in how we organise work brings very real costs in low productivity, lost skills and experience, and a reduced talent pool.

We believe the government elected in 2015 must act decisively to ensure that work genuinely works for all. Working parents, grandparents and carers need the twin currencies of time and money. They need equality in the home, as well as at work. They need access to justice when things go wrong. And they need proper support with childcare.

So in this document we set out a ‘families & work’ manifesto for 2015, with eight specific policy proposals grouped under four headings: time; equality; money; and childcare infrastructure.

Each proposal is emblematic of what we believe the broader thrust of policy should be in these four areas. And each offers an opportunity for the political parties to demonstrate a practical commitment to our vision of work that actually works for all families and all employers – whatever their size and shape.




Childcare Infrastructure


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