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The Respondent’s grounds in the ET3 Response

The claimant was promoted beyond her capabilities. After she became hotel manager, the hotel occupancy severely declined. This was due to a number of shortfalls in her performance. This was taken up with her on a number of occasions, but unfortunately she was unable to demonstrate any signs of improvement or willingness to change. The claimant had obviously lost interest in her job. She failed to attend the Group Management meetings in October 2013. There came a point where it was no longer possible to carry the business and the claimant had to be replaced by someone with more skills and experience. This had nothing whatsoever to do with the claimant’s pregnancy.

The claimant was given every opportunity to explain her position at the disciplinary hearing on 18th October 2013 and at the hearing of her appeal, but she was unable to convince the company that her performance would improve.

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