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Requesting an order from the Employment Tribunal for additional information and documents

If the Respondent will not supply the Claimant with answers and documents in good time, write a letter to the tribunal with a copy of the original request and ask for an Order.

The letter to the tribunal must briefly state why the requested information and documents are relevant to the case. This explanation can be fairly general if the requests are uncontroversial and obviously relevant. More explanation should be given of unusual requests or requests which could involve the Respondent in a lot of work to answer.

For example, in a sex discrimination claim where the Claimant  is requesting disclosure of documents in a promotion case, she could ask the Tribunal to order the employer to provide the following:

  • Score sheets and other notes made by the interview panel at interviews.
  • Application forms from other shortlisted and/or successful applicants for the job.
  • Any references written for the Claimant and for the successful candidate.
  • Any other documents or e-mails about the selection process.
  • The job description and person specification for the post.
  • Any documents from the HR department or similar about recruitment processes and how internal applicants should be interviewed.
  • The employer’s equal opportunities policy.
  • Any other relevant documents.

This letter must be copied to the Respondent.

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