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Letter informing respondent of a request to the Tribunal for an order

You might find it helpful to find out more on asking an Employment Tribunal to make an Order requesting additional information and documents.

The following is a sample letter informing the respondent  that the Tribunal has been requested to make an Order requiring disclosure of additional information and documents, it is based on the case described in Precedent 1.

Dear (respondent or respondent’s representative),

Re: Walker v Heron Hotels Ltd.  Case No: 35240/LNA

I refer to my letter dated (date) requesting additional information and disclosure, to which I have not had a reply. I have therefore written to the tribunal requesting an Order for disclosure, copy attached. The reasons for the request are contained in that letter.

You must send any objection to my application to the employment tribunal office as soon as possible. Any objection to our application must be copied to the tribunal and myself.

Yours faithfully

(Claimant’s representative)

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