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Legal aid for employment matters

Legal aid may be available to people on low incomes for discrimination matters

Legal aid funding is only available for employment cases involving discrimination.  To get legal aid, you will need to pass both a merits test (that the case has prospects of success) and a means test.  To pass the means test your gross monthly income (or combined income if you have a partner) must be not more than £2,657 before tax. Your net income (after tax, housing and other costs) must be no more than £733 per month.  If you have savings (or combined savings if you have a partner) of more than £8,000 you won’t get legal aid. If you have more than £3,000 in savings you are likely to have to make a contribution towards your legal costs.

You can check eligibility online here:  https://checklegalaid.service.gov.uk/

To apply for legal aid for employment cases you must contact the Civil Legal Advice (CLA) service.  You can do so by telephoning 0345 345 4345.  The CLA will check if you are eligible and then refer you either to one of their specialist providers, or to an external adviser (local law centre or solicitor’s firm).